I'm Evelin Mauff - an avid hatmaker with many years of experience. My roots lie in the area of traditional millinery and I specialize in the creation of one-off designs. My motivation is to make hats that can be worn every day and that revive the hat as a modern fashion item. With this in mind, I designed tomcap© in 2006.


What is tomcap?

Tomcap is not just a special hat; it is a product born of traditional millinery with a modern appearance.


What makes tomcap so unique? 

What is fascinating about tomcap is its minimalist design. It is made in one piece out of felted merino wool; it is resilient, durable, warm; it breathes and it's from Berlin. Rain and sun don't  bother it! A fashion statement for any weather!

As if that weren't enough- tomcap can be worn by women as well as men. Totally unisex!

Happy tomcap- wearers include the band SEEED, the singer Pat Appelton and Yoko Ono, former wife of John Lennon.

Tomcap is available in twelve fresh, classic colors and in four sizes. It is now produced by a European felt manufacturer under sustainable conditions. 

Be your way – be tomcap!